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angry birds movie review

The Angry Birds Movie 2016 Review From Me

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hi there! Today I want to review new animation movie that adopted from very popular Android game, The Angry Birds Movie. It was released in Indonesia yesterday.  Watch out, spoiler warning and trailer on here ;) The story begin when Red, Flightless birds do his duty as a party planner, dress as a clown, have a ...

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glitz 56 photoshop style

Last Week Story, Foot Pain, Can’t walk

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Last week was pretty heavy for me. I've got foot sprain then Injured for almost 5 days ! Because of what?  I just too excited when play basketball at Timezone! Not Cool At All -_- eventhough me on that game goes to level 2, when the basket get moved itself, I just too over-exert myself, maybe because many ...

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dago font

5 Favorites New Modern Calligraphy Fonts

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Today, I was so excited when see some lovely modern calligraphy font just launched. I was very keen to see typography art project with new handlettered fonts creation. At present, typography, have a big impact in design, esspecially in minimalist design that is happening now. Mixing and arranging letters with some beautiful clip art, or adding some watercolor ...

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Free Opencart Template Gratis Fashion Teddy

Monday, June 3, 2013

fashion teddy free opencart template Senangnya weekend is me time... jadi sempat membuat template toko online gratis dengan platform opencart, dengan tema vintage retro modern web design but clean yang cocok dengan segala jenis toko online, seperti fashion, kids and baby shop, toys shop, sweet shop, entertaiment, toko online buku, book, digital shop, available on professional ...

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