How to Download Google Font to Your Computer


Buat yang suka berkreasi typography, mendesain, apalagi yang style jaman sekarang yang elegan minimalis, font is one of the essential part in design. Everyone love free stuff, apalagi kalau gratisannya ciamik dan profesional. Google provide a thousand of pretty font from many designer from all of the world, despite of we can use them by embed on our blog or website, we can also download the font and get installed to our computer, to do some design or printing project. Here some tutorial to download and install google font to your computer.

First, go to

Pick your desire font, by filter, or just search the name if you know what is the font that you looking for.

Click blue button “add to collection” like image below,  and it will show the collection form below the screen.


Click Review Button, and the down cursor button will show at top left corner like image below.


Click the down arrow button, click link Zip file to download,

Get install the font at your computer:

Open your windows explorer, extract your zip google font file

Install the font file, for example thefontname.TTF, by click  “right click” mouse  the  font, choose  “install”,

or another way just right click > copy  (ctrl +c) to copy the font and right click > paste (ctrl+v)  on folder C:\WINDOWS\FONT\

Enjoy the font, have a great project ^___^

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  • Elia
    May 20, 2013

    nice info sistaa… 😀

  • Klik Tutorials
    March 23, 2015

    Ijin ninggalin jejak mbak filia, ntar judulnya aku pake ya… isi jelas beda kan aku full tutorials, bergambar plus video hehehe. Peace

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