Last Week Story, Foot Pain, Can’t walk


Last week was pretty heavy for me. I’ve got foot sprain then Injured for almost 5 days ! Because of what?  I just too excited when play basketball at Timezone! Not Cool At All -_- eventhough me on that game goes to level 2, when the basket get moved itself, I just too over-exert myself, maybe because many people around there X|

My foot were shaking before get injuried! Actually I didn’t feel any hurts before wake up on the morning, I could not bend my left leg! I didn’t take it seriously and didn’t take any medicine, It getting worse until I can’t walk almost 3 days!!

The advantage of this incident, I can’t going anywhere but I can make any progress of my design skill! >_< During I could not walk the only I can do is creating and do design research until now I have my Glitz 56 Photoshop Style that available on and here, including glitter style,gold foil photoshop style, rainbow glitter and some sparkle. You can use it to any text or shape!

I realize, Getting Pain makes me moving forward

I’m thinking to give some freebie of this project. Keep stay tune, I will upload to my Behance or my blog!
And then… the heroes on my story goes to……  Hot in Cream Aromatheraphy and my hubby. Oh I’m sooo lucky to have you both!


glitz 56 photoshop style

Gettin pain is not good at all. Don’t believe when the famous singer said, Lebih baik sakit gigi daripada sakit hati; “Toothache better than heartache” Because any ache makes you couldn’t going anywhere, cannot visiting family, grandma (mom sorry I can’t visit grandma this week), At least I can design :) :) eh… I realize it gives me time to redesign my web too.. uh Wow!

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