The Angry Birds Movie 2016 Review From Me


Hi there! Today I want to review new animation movie that adopted from very popular Android game, The Angry Birds Movie. It was released in Indonesia yesterday.  Watch out, spoiler warning and trailer on here 😉

The story begin when Red, Flightless birds do his duty as a party planner, dress as a clown, have a really hard journey, struggling send singing telegram and birthday cake to a baby bird (which the reality is that kid didn’t like a clown)

Because he was one minute too late, the Dad of this kid didn’t want to pay the bill. Red with his high temper became angry and having unexpected accident, break this family egg. Then the baby born imature, Red was the first person seen by the baby and he recognize him as his dad.



The case continued into the law judiciary. and the case ended with little mess when Red insulting the judge about his fake height inside his coat, the reality is the judge is a small bird on top of his assistant, to get higher and prestigious look. Then Red get punnishment must go to anger management classes. And some funny moment happened when he started to go to the class, such as had a hard time wait a  group of little birds until grandma, crossed the street.

In the class, He meet Matilda the trainer, Female sweet delicate white birds (in the middle and the end of story, we will see actually she has a dangerous temper with shot bomb skills but she always make herself cooling down).

Meet Chuck, Intelligent, cunning and very fast Birds, he remind us of quicksilver on x-men. You can see his crazy talent on this trailer below.



Meet Bomber, black bird that when he gets angry, he can blow himselves, as seen on the first trailer above.

And the last, the big one, very quiet and mysterious dark red, Terence. Actually he is not the main characters, but in the middle and end of the story, we’ll find unexpectedly things in terence.



One day, this happy peaceful bird city be visited by mysterious green pig sailor, Leonard, who claimed came together with a few crew, bring friendship message. He is very good at enchant the judge with many gifts (including transporter slingshot) and his boast.

Leonard gif taken from

Leonard gif taken from

Red didn’t like the presence of this suspicious green pigs, and express it. But, Leonard’s maneuver made Red got kicked out from the party using slingshot.

After fall, he was approached by Chuck that ask him to investigate the ship of Leonard. Then the Bomber came later, and they found a lot of funny, high fashion, trampoline, many TNT / bomb material, and accidentally found thousands of green pigs hiding inside the hood.

Afterwards, they came back to the party and, Red try to warn the citizen and the judge and report what their found on the green pig ship. But he has got very bad response and got insulted because Leonard twist the story and make people think that Red is have impolite behavior entering others ship without permission.

On the next day, the city gettin crowded by green pigs. Red thinks only the Mighty Eagle (hero myth of this town) who could save them from mysterious presence of Green Pig. He ask Chuck and Bomber to join him, find the Mighty Eagle.

They climb many mountains, from one wrong mountain to others, seek hill of mighty eagle’s home. When they are on trip, they imagine how the way to call the hero (Mighty Eagle) as seen on trailer below.



After long journey, they finally found the myth, wisdom lake, at the top of mountain. Chuch and Bomber swimming with excited like an beautiful swimming athlete.


Until they found that the lake was a place to Mighty Eagle pee with high volume. You could imagine how they act, after knowing that the lake was mighty eagle toilet.

After breathtaking meeting, some awkward conversations, sing narcism anthem of mighty eagle by request, they found that their idol was not as their imagined. He was lazy, overweight, narcism and karaoke and dance lovers.

Then Mighty Eagle shows how he monitor the bird city with telescope (which mostly time he takes to peek shameless things), they found the green pigs do wicked activity with TNT and stuff to steal the eggs, when all the birds go to summer party which held by Green Pig. They fail to ask Mighty Eagle (he said he was retired) to help them, so they finally come back to the city to warn the citizen. But Mighty Eagle stare with shifty eyes.

Did the green pigs get success to execute their cruel plan? Will Red and friends be able to save the city?
Just watch it! I think you won’t regret. I’ve had a fun time and full of laugh moment with this movie.

I give 9/10 for graphic and humour. Ps. Just lil info I’m kind of generous type who usually give movie that I Like high rating 😉


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